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What Your Clothes Say About You

What your Clothes Say about You

People often say that your clothes define who you are. Generally, you wear clothes to fit the occasion.

Some people wear clothes they feel comfortable in while others feel the need to wear stylish clothes that follow the current trends of the fashion industry.

No matter which of these categories you fit into, here are some basic rules of selecting different clothing styles to improve your appearance.

1. Clean and neat is acceptable; grungy and lousy ones are a no-no.

This applies to clothes for any occasion. Wash and properly iron and maintain your clothes so they do not have that worn-out look. This applies to each detail of your appearance as well.

Make sure that the accessories you choose match your outfit and make certain that you are well-groomed, from the top of your head to the tips of your newly-polished shoes.

2. Wear your clothes with an attitude.

You can look elegant even if you are just wearing jeans and a white shirt; this is where class and


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