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The A-b-c Of Great Camping Activities

Activities to do when camping is varied and many. You are only limited by your imagination. Always, there really is something fun to do if you just put your mind to thinking up ways to do it.

The following may be helpful suggestions to do just that. Believe it or not, the below tips do not require expensive devices, batteries, equipments. All one needs is an open mind and a free-wheeling attitude.

Create interesting stories

Telling stories is the age-old device used by our ancestors - and even us - to battle away boredom.

What did you think was the purpose of all those cave drawings? Story-telling is an ingenious way to keep kids occupied. An idle mind is a nest of anxiousness and tantrums. Keep their minds creatively occupied through stories that would surely get their brain cells processing.

Plus, the best thing about this activity is it is free and could be done anytime and anywhere.

How to get started? Simply start with a single line. This line should set up or at least build up the image of where the story could lead to.

For example, you may begin with


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